VisitGreenvilleSC is committed to helping create a more

sustainable travel and tourism industry.

Learn how your group can get involved in sustainable initiatives during your time in Greenville.


Explore our agritourism-themed itineraries to provide attendees with a unique experience highlighting sustainable farming practices. These itineraries offer a closer look at how local farms operate using eco-friendly methods, giving visitors an engaging and educational insight into the importance of sustainability in agriculture. Additionally, attendees can enjoy dining at restaurants that feature menus with locally grown and sourced ingredients.

Voluntourism Opportunities

Your group can take sustainable initiatives one step further with a voluntourism activity that combines group bonding and team building with bettering the environment. We've highlighted several local organizations that directly focus on sustainability and preserving Greenville's parks and trails, or you can view all group volunteer opportunities here.

This page is constantly changing and updating as new resources arise in the Greenville community. Please feel free to reach out to with additional resources for inclusion.