Businesses across Greenville, SC are taking the Greater Greenville Pledge—our commitment to health and safety in reopening responsibly.

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Good news about that Greenville spreads fast. And word about Greenville is spreading so fast that we have to work hard to keep up. This is where we do our best to post all the “best,” “most,” “top” and “coolest” lists we make, the comments the media makes and our latest accolades. Check back regularly. The good news just keeps coming!

Posts from July 2018

When it comes to foodie towns, it’s often the smaller, mid-sized cities that are highlighted for having some of the best restaurants. Just think about Asheville, Louisville, K.Y., Austin, Texas, and, of course, Charleston. So it makes sense that the South has given birth to yet another culinary hot spot: Greenville, S.C.