Greenville Cocktail Bars & Speakeasies

Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai

When the evening is going well, no one wants it to end. So why does it have to? Instead, dive into Greenville's lively cocktail scene where you'll find a mix of classic Southern drinks and secret speakeasies hidden in plain sight. Get ready to shake things up and toast to unforgettable nights in the heart of the South. 

Gather your friends and head downtown  to explore Greenville's popular cocktail bars. Looking for a scenic nighttime view? Go up—literally—and check out our rooftop bars. When you're ready, go underground to discover speakeasies that harken back to the Prohibition Era. If you're up for it, consider booking a craft cocktail tour or cocktail-making class for a fun night out.

Don't forget to browse our directory of cocktail bars and speakeasies in the Greenville area. Here's to sipping in style in Greenville—one cocktail at a time. Cheers! 

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