1,000+ Restaurants? Are You Serious?

Hailed as the “#1 Under-the-Radar Southern Food Destination” by Zagat, the “Next Big Food City of the South” by Esquire, and named one of “The South’s Tastiest Towns” by Southern Living, the food scene in Greenville is deliciously dynamic thanks to enterprising local restaurateurs and a couple of standout annual food festivals. And the reach is wide: Almost everywhere you raise a fork, you’ll find menus peppered with delectable Southern treats with a twist, like burgers smothered in pimento cheese (the caviar of the South), sweet potato biscuits, or boiled peanut hummus. With more than 200 restaurants downtown and more than 1,000 throughout the County, Greenville, South Carolina’s abundant and tasty restaurant scene is garnering national attention. Here you’ll discover diverse cuisines ranging from traditional to downright eclectic, where modern dishes can be served in a historical mill to seasonal fare sourced from local farms. Be sure to take in the scenery while dining next to the Reedy River or better yet, its namesake waterfalls. Whatever you fancy, there’s a restaurant to appease any taste bud. From Southern cuisine and soul food to BBQ and breweries, all you need to do is pull up a plate (or growler). Prepare your palate, seize your stay, and plan your foodie getaway today!

Oh, and don't forget to pack your stretchy pants!

Don't wait until you're hangry! Stake (steak?) out a table for some fine dining—with a side of sweet Southern hospitality.