Hey There, Hops Stuff...

A unique & thirst quenching scavenger hunt

The Brewmiceter Hops Hunt was started by three local libation lovers: Darcy, Deb, and Jerry. Together, they wanted to help local "watering holes" during COVID-19 times by putting together an eclectic project based on Greenville's history, uniqueness, and community support. The result—the Brewmiceter Hops Hunt! 

In this scavenger hunt, there are eight mice located at eight different breweries. Make your way through the hunt by uncovering the clues, finding the mice, and enjoying a refreshing beverage along the way. Grab your friends, family, and other locals to support the Greenville community and make hoppy memories ... one mouse at a time.

Stop 1:      

Let's begin at Greenville's oldest brewery. You will find Grandpa Mouse here down by the Creek. He is old like the brewhouse but hides like no other, so look hard.

Stop 2:

Thirteen miles northeast, you will find Blanch Battles Mouse. At this brewery, they believe local businesses should continue the legacies of their ancestors and help to "create and foster" the communities around them.

Stop 3: 

Where 70 taps and food abound, Chef Whiskers Mouse can be found. When he needs to know what beer pairs with a classic burger or sandwich, he asks one of the knowledgeable Cicerones on staff.

Stop 4: 

Traverse over to where the sun sets and they Brew 4 the Love! Here, Trevor Mouse is hiking high among the pine trees. This small-batch microbrewery specializes in true-to-style craft beer. You might run into a hockey player and you are sure to meet some friendly locals.

Stop 5: 

Godfather Mouse is not more than a couple of hops up the trail. Here the Brewmaster has over 30 years of experience and honed his craft in Germany. You will find a special release or two at this lager-forward Greenville pub and brewery.

Stop 6: 

Time to hunt for Local Lyle Mouse. His farmhouse attitude loves locally sourced ingredients and his Belgian brewing techniques create beers that range from approachable saisons to challenging barrel-aged sours.

Stop 7: 

Just a stone's throw from downtown is where Hoppy Mouse goes to connect, have a discussion, and be part of a community. Stop by for a craft beer, curated wine, etc. ... to enjoy there or take it to-go.

Stop 8: 

At the end of this hunt, look for Gaspar Mouse. Put your tires to rest and top off the day with some of the best-named beers in towngems like "The Spice is Right." Here, you are back in the heart of Greenville where a crew that creates with passion and serves with enthusiasm will take great care of you.

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