Downtown Greenville Area Breweries:

Everything You Need to Know

Thomas Jefferson once noted that "beer softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health." There may have been some bit in there about moderation, but it's a little hard to hear over the sound of fresh kegs being tapped. Greenville has quickly become a utopia for patrons of the handcrafted pint, and these craft breweries in the downtown neigh-brew-hood won't disappoint. If you're already hanging out in downtown Greenville, why not meander over to a local brewery for a pint? Greenville's downtown area breweries include: 

  1. Fireforge Crafted Beer
  2. Yee-Haw Brewing Company
  3. The Eighth State Brewing Company
  4. Magnetic South Brewery
  5. Southernside Brewing Co.
  6. Carolina Bauernhaus Greenville
  7. Liability Brewing Co.
  8. Tetrad Brewing Company

Read on to see all kinds of in-depth info including a map of their locations, Untappd info, high-lites, promising hop-inions, photos, pour-sonas, top-rated beers, and find out which suds are for you. 




Fireforge Crafted Beer

Downtown Greenville – 311 E. Washington St.


The High-Lites

You might expect most brewmasters to have been obsessed with beer and the beer-making process from the moment they turned 21, practically sleeping on a bed of grains while hoppy dreams steep in their heads, but not all who brew take the same route. Fireforge co-founder and Governor of Fireforge Brian Cendrowski spent his 20s thinking beer tasted terrible—so much so that his drink of choice during this formative decade ranged from amaretto sours to Woodchuck Cider. It wasn't until a friend introduced him to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that Brian's eyes were opened to a world of beer with flavor and variety. Fast forward to today and this late-bloomer turned in his job as a web developer for 50-pound bags of grain and a much more satisfying career running one of Greenville's only breweries just steps off Main Street with co-founder, CMO, and wife Nicole, who has been right there with Brian since their first batch made on a stovetop at home.

What began in 2014 as a serious plan to open a brewery in 2014 became reality in 2018 when Fireforge's doors opened. Those doors, by the way, are extremely large—so large, in fact, that if you're frequently conflicted by the decision of whether to go out or stay in, Fireforge is perfect for you as it creates one space that provides both options as opening these massive doors is akin to removing entire walls. Your duality will be wholly satisfied by a table-dotted biergarten seamlessly extending from far outside the building all the way to the main bar area inside.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Humulus Package #6 IPA - Imperial / Double New England
  2. John Hopcock IPA - New England
  3. Unghosted #2 Pale Ale - American
  4. Blueberry Mead - Melomel
  5. Quaddish Boy Belgian Dubbel

The rustic feel of the wood paneling combined with the urban surroundings of downtown Greenville provide another wonderful juxtaposition to ponder over a pilsner at sunset. If a pale pils doesn't fit your taste, you can peruse Fireforge's 20 taps for something else you might prefer—from several options categorized as "light and refreshing" to a handful of IPAs to your more malty and dark beverages. Feeling particularly saucy? Opt for the Perlin's Ghost Pepper Ale and see if that doesn't forge a fire within you.

Speaking of flames, Fireforge is cooking up foods in its prep kitchen that complement the available beer selections, so you'll find a menu of quick bites, shareable snacks, a full meal or two and even desserts to choose from. Live music is also on the menu from time to time so check their calendar to see who's playing when you're in town, and well-behaved dogs and kiddos are always welcome.

Promising Hop-inion

"Best craft beer in Greenville! Came for a weekend in April and did not have a beer here I didn't love. Lots of hazy beers and a cool warehouse atmosphere and outdoor area made this my favorite brewery stop for the weekend. Definitely check it out. If you are staying downtown, it is an easy walk to the brewery." - Luke, Yelp

This Sud's For You If...

... you like a beverage that'll tell you a story. Fireforge is the first craft brewery in the world to incorporate a product called Story Label onto its can and bottle products made by a company in nearby Greer called Century Printing and Packaging, which has been making craft beer labels for years. In fact, the company produced 380 million labels in 2019. New this year is the ability for breweries to tell the story of their brewery or the specific beer right on the label—well, actually, right behind the label. If you're one of those anxious beer-drinkers who peels the label off a bottle as you sip your suds, this one is definitely for you. Peeling back the corner on select labels of Fireforge canned and bottle beer will reveal a story just as tasty as that IPA or lager you're swigging. Definitely sample selections from the tap while at Fireforge, but grab something from the cooler to take back to the hotel for a bedtime story.


Yee-Haw Brewing Company

Downtown Greenville – 307 E. McBee Ave.


The High-Lites

Whether you're looking to catch a game on TV or enjoy some tasty brews in an environment that leaves pretentiousness at the door, Yee-Haw is the chilled-out spot you're looking for. That doesn't mean they're not serious about the beer they brew—on the contrary, they're bubbling up suds in Pigeon Forge, TN, Nashville, and at the location that started it all, Johnson City, TN, so you know they're pouring pleasing pints to keep four locations running strong. As you may have noticed from the list of locations in the previous sentence, one of these things is not like the other—and that would be us.

Why Greenville? Because Yee-Haw's head honchos loved the similarities between Greenville and Johnson City, each with a local culture that's all about having a beer, some good food, and an even better time.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Sour Apricot Peach Sour - Fruited
  2. Yee-hazy Runnings IPA - New England
  3. Velvet Charmer Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
  4. Trickster IPA - American
  5. Winter Porter Porter - Baltic

Any brewery worth its hops is going to feature beer's greatest hits, and at Yee-Haw, you'll find the old standbys in new yet approachable ways, like a delicious IPA that delivers fragrances bested only by its restrained bitterness and a smooth-drinkin' American Craft Lager literally called "Easy." Coincidentally, that's the way Yee-Haw wants a visit to its downtown brewery to be for patrons. Just four blocks off of Main Street, what's on-tap isn't the only thing that's approachable, and with a significant amount of outdoor space to sip and enjoy the sights of downtown Greenville, those dwelling in the area for a long weekend would be remiss not to enjoy an evening out here.

You may think that the beer would get the full spotlight here but it simply must make room for the food Yee-Haw is kickin' out of the kitchen. The menu features categories you might expect from an American bar—like small plates and appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and the like—but overlooking the chargrilled wings as just any standard bar offering would be a serious mistake. Call up any online review site and Yee-Haw's convection-steam-baked wings will be just as mentioned as the beer—and really, where else would you rather hang out for a while than at a place pouring pints and slinging wings this rave-worthy?

Promising Hop-inion

"I'm all-in on the wings I had at lunch — great googly moogly, the meat came off the bones cleaner than Himalayan snow. ... The beer was remarkably easy-labeled and the three I sampled were delicious. Get there." - Grey, Facebook Reviews

This Sud's For You If...

... making new friends is on your list. You won't find a single brewery or watering hole in Greenville that doesn't have a helpful, passionate staff that's enthusiastic about guiding your beer tasting journey, but Yee-Haw's friendly staff is such a differentiator that nearly every online review about the brewery mentions the group as a whole or individuals by name. Whether you've got questions about the different on-tap options or you're just in town for business by yourself and need some company while you wind down after a long day of meetings, Yee-Haw's staff will have you taken care of. We're tempted to mention the chicken wings again here—yes, they're that good!—but friendly faces, good conversation, and excellent service go a long way toward furthering the relaxing, care-free environment Yee-Haw strives for.


The Eighth State Brewing Company

Downtown Greenville – 400 Augusta St. (West End Historic District)


The High-Lites

Get ready to pucker up, Solo-Cup, because this ain't your everyday brewery. The Eighth State Brewing Company—named after South Carolina's distinction as the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and be admitted into statehood—takes what you might expect from a brewery and just adds a healthy, fun dash of color to it. Eclectic, eccentric, or delightfully frenetic—no matter how you describe Eighth State, from the beer it brews to the art that dons its cans and walls, you can be sure it's unlike any other brewery you'll find in Greenville. And maybe that's why it's the No. 1-ranked brewery in all of South Carolina on the industry-popular app Untappd, where users rate the different breweries they visit.

The biggest difference you'll notice is the beer. If you're looking for a brand-name beer, sure, you'll find something recognizable somewhere on the menu and Eighth State will be more than happy to oblige, but if you wanna quaff on the wild side then let us turn your attention to where Eighth State really shines. Many breweries will pride themselves on beers that range in color from light gold to a dark brown, but rarely will all the colors of the rainbow be represented.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Cypher Stout - Imperial / Double
  2. Cheap Dreams Hard Seltzer
  3. Cosmogenesis Stout - Imperial / Double
  4. Penrose Stout - Imperial / Double
  5. Background Radiation Stout - American

Eighth State specializes in dessert imperial stouts, fruited sours, cocktail-inspired hard seltzers, and crispy pilsners. Pick a pint of anything on the menu and even Trinidad James would approve of a total lack of all-gold-everything in his glass. Don't believe us? Just watch: Order yourself a flight of six on-tap tastes and it'll arrive to your table in a muffin tin—a wink and a nod to the Claussen Bakery that operated out of the very same historic building more than 90 years ago—filled with enough reds, oranges, greens, blues, pinks, yellows and more to have you on Instagram straight-flexin'.

From sours and sweets to stouts you'd swear were inspired by a chocolate-banana milkshake, you'll find the perfect pairing for what Eighth State's full kitchen is creating. No matter your style, you've got choices here, with delicious stecca sandwiches and pizzas—even vegan and vegetarian options—made by local favorite Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. Grab the family and the pup and enjoy Eighth State's front patio for a funky afternoon.

Promising Hop-inion

"The beer is so creative! If you enjoy adventurous ales, then this place is the Disneyland of craft beers. The vibe is super chill and the atmosphere is one of a kind... The live music is also adventurous, but expertly curated. The food is craveable and ranges from light to filling. I love this place!" - Christopher, Google Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

... craft seltzer is just as intriguing to you as craft beer! Aside from the obvious sour selections that set Eighth State apart, they’re concocting their own hard seltzers with just as much care as the beer they lovingly brew. A store-shelf shortage of the popular hard seltzer Whiteclaw in 2019 gave Eighth State owners a sparkling idea to experiment with seltzer before the trend fizzled out. Luckily, the popularity of bubbly, flavored hard seltzer continues and thus, it still shows up on Eighth State's menu in many forms. Flavors are put together the same way your favorite mixologist blends a signature cocktail with a wide range of adventurous ingredients. All this means you can expect to find selections like "Dreaming"—which features the taste-twisting combination of rainbow sherbet, marshmallow, lemon, grapefruit and Madagascar vanilla—any time you walk in the door. If the sun's holding you down, opt for one of Eighth State's frozen slurries—some of which utilize the popular sour beers on the menu as the base for a refreshingly unique retreat from the heat.


Magnetic South Brewery

Westside – 701 Easley Bridge Rd., Suite 4155 (Judson Mill)


The High-Lites

When you come to Greenville, don’t be alarmed if you feel like you’re being pulled in the direction of Judson Mill; that’s just the allure of Magnetic South Brewery. Opened in March 2023, Magnetic South was originally planning to be ready for business sooner, but COVID came along and, well, you know the rest. Good things definitely come to those who wait, though, and now Greenville has 10,000 square feet of space to do so many activities. That’s right, Magnetic South is flexing a five-digit square footage and they’ve dedicated every inch of it to fun. More on that in a moment—let’s get to the beer first!

Magnetic South is brewing batches of simple, straightforward, and drinkable beer 300 gallons at a time. With all that space, you’d certainly expect a handful of options to choose from and Magnetic South is not about to disappoint. On any given visit, you’ll find 16 beers on tap featuring a wide selection of light and dark lagers, a bevy of IPAs, sours, and session beers among many others. If you’re curious about what session beers are, they’re at the core of what Magnetic South does, and we can sum them up in one word: drinkability. Session beers are defined by their lower alcohol volume, and before you go clicking away, hear us out. Beers in this category pack a little less punch so you can have a few of them throughout—wait for it— a drinking session without needing to be carried out. Since session beers aren’t a style, the beauty is that they can across a lot of different categories. Pilsners, witbier, pale ales, and Hefeweizen, for example, can all be brewed to qualify as session beers.

For those of you who prefer a higher octane, Magnetic South makes plenty of those, too. They pretty much cater to everyone, and their mission is to be a place where beer-ginners and beer snobs can both enjoy something that fits their respective tastes. That’s pretty fun in itself, but we promised more fun, so buckle up. Magnetic South is packed with arcade games, pool tables, pinball machines, and Skee-Ball, all of which are part of their high-energy, family-friendly atmosphere. If you need more fun, stop down the hall and throw some axes at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, but you can’t toss around sharp objects on an empty stomach so Magnetic South has you covered.

Magnetic South has a Cuban-inspired food menu that continually earns glowing reviews online, so grab a traditional Cuban sandwich to go with your beer of choice. If that’s not your speed, maybe Magnetic South can tempt you with nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, including burrito bowls. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong—but rest up because you’re gonna need your energy.

Promising Hop-inion

“Easily the best brewery I’ve been to. The food is excellent, the beer is delicious, and the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. They have a beer for everyone… not to mention they have arcade games. It’s such a relief to be able to take my kid to a brewery and know it’s a fun, safe environment.” 
- Gary, Google Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

… you’re looking for an upbeat brewery that’s a whole experience unto itself. Magnetic South strives to be a place where good beer, good food, and good people meet, and when combined, there’s fun to be had. If you’re looking for a quiet place to sip a beer and read a book, Magnetic South may not always be the brewery you choose, but if you want to cut loose a bit with great-tasting, drinkable beer in a lively environment with all sorts of things to do, you’ll be attracted to Magnetic South. Be sure to check Magnetic South’s events calendar on Facebook, Instagram, or their website because fun can be planned. From trivia nights and yoga to disc golf and wrestling, you never know what you’ll find at Magnetic South—but you can find us at the pinball machines.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Whitewater Seltzer Hard Seltzer
  2. Bonfire Bros Coconut Stout - Imperial / Double
  3. Big Bad Barleywine Barleywine - English
  4. Pilsner But in Italian Pilsner
  5. Chapstick Season Stout - Imperial / Double


Southernside Brewing Co.

Westside – 25 Delano Dr., Unit D (Delano) 


The High-Lites

No trip to Greenville, SC is complete until you’ve rented a bike and hit the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. This 23-mile, remarkably flat, and fully-paved hiking, biking, walking, and running trail connect many of Greenville’s must-see spots, from Cleveland Park through Falls Park on the Reedy, and all the north to Furman University and downtown Travelers Rest. A trail all can enjoy, it’s perfect for a leisurely bike ride, with plenty of reasons to stop along the way—and Southernside Brewery is emphatically one of them.

Opened in January 2021, Southernside Brewery—named for the Southernside neighborhood it calls home—is a new kid on the brewery block in Greenville, but don’t think for a moment that this sudsy spot is just trying to find its way in the early stages. Owner Nate Tomforde is the mind behind the self-serve beer concept at Pour Taproom in downtown Greenville, so he’s quite familiar with what beer enthusiasts of all kinds are looking for. Brewmaster Kenny Driggers joined forces with Tomforde and brings a wealth of experience for such a young age. An Upstate South Carolina product, Driggers earned an engineering degree at Clemson, where he discovered homebrewing and refined his skills with totally scientific experimental beer-related college research. At Southernside, he used all those college studies, and the experience he gained at several breweries after graduating, to develop a beer menu that taps into his understanding of brewing styles and variety.

At any given time, you’ll likely find a selection of IPAs, maybe an Irish red ale or an Irish dry, stouts, witbier and more, made right on-site. Southernside has all the approachable beer mainstays, but balances that with creativity that’s only limited by the imagination of *checks notes* an engineer with a penchant for scientific exploration! This, no doubt, led to the creation of Southernside’s Piña Colada IPA—a New England Milkshake IPA with hints of all the necessary ingredients to piña and colada your afternoon brew.

While the beer is worth hopping off the bike on its own, Southernside has a full cocktail and wine menu. All the cocktails are masterfully mixed by hand and are just as creative as the beer options. If it’s on the menu, get the creamy vodka Sugar Cookie; "A beverage," Tomforde told the Greenville Journal, "that will remind you of your grandmother’s cookies." If grandma was more of a bourbon gal, Southernside has an expansive bourbon menu, too.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, the grub and spacious outdoor seating right along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail might have you pit-stopping. A family-friendly trail respite, Southernside offers a full kitchen menu that includes selections for kids and a “Pup Menu” for your fur baby! The human adult food menu was designed by Chef Christian Groham, formerly of Caviar & Bananas, and completely embodies the “Southern” in Southernside. Fried pickles, deviled eggs, pulled pork, bourbon bacon jam burger, crawfish roll, even a vegan “Chickpea of the Sea” salad sandwich—all with an elevated twist and made-to-order. Was that your bike brakes, or did we just hear you squeal with glee?

Promising Hop-inion

"First time at Southernside and all I can say is "Wow!" Their house beers are delicious but they also offer wine and liquor. Food menu is amazing. ... Can we talk about the scenery? Right off the Swamp Rabbit with a view of the Reedy River. Can't wait to come back!" - Nikki, Google Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

… afternoons and evenings in the great outdoors are your thing. No matter who you are nor how you got here—the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, a vehicular transport, or via a teleportation machine we really need to talk to you about—there’s nothing quite like a cold beer in the cool shade on a hot afternoon or a handcrafted cocktail that pairs perfectly with a fresh pretzel and housemade beer cheese under the stars. Southernside’s outdoor area is central to its entire being. Owner Nate Tomforde hopes to do plenty of outdoor events and free outdoor concerts every Saturday night, and he’s certainly got the space for it. From automated fire pits to plenty of picnic tables to a 30-by-40-foot covered pergola facing the trail, along with bar access without having to set foot inside, Southernside is well-equipped to become the family-friendly, year-round outdoor gathering spot it set out to be. Considering its location is directly inside the coming-soon Unity Park, Southernside is primed to be a place that brings people together again.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Can't You See IPA IPA - English
  2. Rise of the Schwarz Schwarzbier
  3. Chocolate Coconut Porter Porter - American
  4. Tangerine Wheat Wheat Beer - Other
  5. West Coast Double IPA IPA - Imperial / Double


Carolina Bauernhaus Greenville

Westside – 556 Perry Ave. (Poe West)

Pour-sona: THE FUNKY

The High-Lites

If you can’t pronounce it, you’re not alone. It’s the German word for “farmhouse,” but if you want to call it the Carolina “barnhouse,” that’s just fine by the owners of Carolina Bauernhaus (pronounced BOW-en-house). It’s a fitting name on different levels—the German pronunciation is a tip-of-the-cap to Carolina Bauernhaus’ European-inspired beers. It’s also just a funky name for a funky place, out-funked only by its funky beer—and we mean this in the best way possible because Carolina Bauernhaus is bringing George Clinton-level talent to Greenville’s brewery scene. Founded by an attorney, an engineer, and an IT specialist, Carolina Bauernhaus’ roots took hold when the three—Brad Thomas, David Thornton and Keston Helfrich—met in a homebrewing club in nearby Anderson, SC. From vastly different backgrounds and with vastly different styles, the opposites attracted and the result is a story of success in progress.

In 2020, Carolina Bauernhaus opened in Poe West development of the Village of West Greenville—funky in its own right with eclectic shops, art studios and eateries, which the new brew neighbor fits right into—but it’s actually the second location this trio has opened. The first Carolina Bauernhaus opened in 2015 in nearby Anderson and success came quickly—and so did the funk, with accolades to prove it. At the 2017 Great American Beer Festival, Carolina Bauernhaus claimed multiple awards, including a gold medal in the Experimental Beer Category. Just a few years later, it was time to expand into Greenville.

All three founders have their own contributions to the beer odyssey you’ll embark on here, but the frontman of this Barley-ment Funkadelic is Helfrich, the head brewer. His brew muse? Wild, funky sours, ales, ciders and meads. If you’ve got a good bassline handy, now’s a good time to drop it. Helfrich’s approach is rooted in Belgian inspiration, but don’t take that to infer a strict adherence to tradition. A man whose website bio includes the words “maniacal passion” to describe his approach to brewing follows no rules, and gold medals from acclaimed beer festivals in experimental categories aren’t given to recipe-followers. The brew menu here is expansive, in both style and flavor. Allow us to provide a textual taste of what we mean: on-tap, you’ll find sours made with Bradford watermelons, golden ales with yuzu fruit, wheat ales featuring coriander and local lemongrass, maybe even a saison flavored by muscadines and scuppernongs. We’ll admit that scuppernongs created some confusion for us that Google sorted out (it's a variety of the muscadine grape), but one thing is so clear that no search is required: you can’t fake the funk of Carolina Bauernhaus.

It’s not just the beers that are tearing the roof off this sucker. Head to Carolina Bauernhaus’ outdoor area and you’ll find there was never a need for a roof at all. This expansive outdoor hangout comes complete with plenty of bar and picnic tables, activities like cornhole and bocce, and a convenient pull-up for food trucks. Wanna get a little more comfortable? Rock—er, funk—out in one of the many hammocks you’ll find out here and relax knowing that you don’t have to practice your German pronunciation if you’d rather not. No matter how you say it, this funkified West Greenville Bauernhaus is anything but a boring-haus.

Promising Hop-inion

"Wonderful outdoor space with a wonderful staff, but most importantly, fantastic beer that challenges the norm." - Justin, Google Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

… you have a deep appreciation—or even a cursory curiosity—for what happens when a genius takes the road less traveled. If it wasn’t clear already, Carolina Bauernhaus is all about wild brewing processes that produce funk-ified results in the form of sours, ales, ciders, meads, and more. Greenville’s brewery scene is booming, but each has its own distinct flare of individuality that can be subtle for some and central to others. If this was a spectrum, you’d find Carolina Bauernhaus on the far side of central—a position Greenville visitors and residents alike embrace in our brewery scene as much as its opposite. Perhaps that’s a reason the trio of Carolina Bauernhaus founders eyed up Greenville for its next funk-tastic voyage. For the traditionalists to the more eclectic among us, and everyone in-between, there are plenty of reasons to chase expanding horizons and embrace the styles, people, and places different from the ones we’ve known. Helfrich’s concoctions are out there—intentionally so—and an experience all their own that has everyone who samples them singing “We want the funk!” by the time the brain unpacks their deliciously different flavors.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. 556 Perry Cider Cider - Traditional
  2. Keston Said NO! Pumpkin / Yam Beer
  3. Copper Pub Ale English Mild Ale
  4. Primavera Espresso Porter Porter - Coffee
  5. Mr. Doppelina Bock - Doppelbock


Liability Brewing Co.

Northside – 109 W. Stone Ave. (Westone)


The High-Lites

Let's imagine for a moment that Bill S. Preston, Esq. and "Ted" Theodore Logan (of Bill and Ted movie trilogy fame) were packing up the phone booth and, once again, they'd be traveling through wormholes to points in spacetime that would most certainly lead to as fun and irreverent a voyage as their previous trips—only this time, the point of all this quantum travel would be for Bill to educate Ted on the world of craft beer, in-between deep conversations and debates about Star Wars and comic books. That's kind of how Liability Brewing Co. came to be, except it was Dustin educating neighbor Terry about craft beer and there were far fewer wormholes involved from what we understand. The Star Wars and comic book conversations were rampant, though.

This is the exact vibe you can expect coming into Liability Brewing Co. At first glance, you might see Dustin and Terry standing together in deep conversation over something beer or comic book related, but then you might notice the clean, crisp ambiance of a modern brewery that's serious about beer despite the fun-loving nerd culture experts running the place. Liability sets out to make you feel something about craft beer—in their own fun, quirky way. We point to the fact that flights are served in a sticker-covered lunchbox as all the evidence we need to back that up. Per Liability themselves, this is the brewery that wants to drink and laugh along with you. It wants to hear your passive-aggressive playful snark while connecting you with its creativity, all to evoke an emotion within you about the experience that lasts long after you've returned home.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Tripel Dollar Bill, Y'all Belgian Tripel
  2. Nana Nana Boo Boo Stout - Imperial / Double
  3. When You Find a Stranger in the Alps IPA - New England
  4. Rabid Unicorn IPA - Imperial / Double
  5. Faux Leather Sweater Weather Sour - Other

It's also just a downright cool spot to hang out. Tucked within a bank of businesses in a complex called Westone, Liability has a large outdoor area with comfortable patio furniture and plenty of space. Have a seat and order a flight to sample several of Liability's best and let your eyes light up as it arrives to your table in an old-school lunch box. Perhaps its most popular feature is the large, detailed mural inside that depicts LL Cool J as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, designed and painted by Greenville artist Chad Patterson, so be sure to snag a pic in front of that—and choose a pal to take it who has better aim than a Stormtrooper (Pew Pew!). The building features lots of doors of all shapes and sizes that, when open, blends inside with outside. Whether it's now or in the future, you can be sure a visit to Liability Brewing Co. will be an Excellent Adventure and not a Bogus Journey.

Promising Hop-inion

"We were in the area visiting and wanted to try a local brewery. We loved the beer but were equally impressed with their efforts to keep the entire facility clean and safe for everyone. And staff was friendly and knowledgeable. So pleased we went back a second time during our short stay." - Stephanie, Facebook Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

... you're an eco-conscious beer-lover. Liability is focused on flavor and nearby base and specialty malts—about 90 percent of which come from the Carolinas. Liability believes that if you support your local brewery and can meet the staff, the least they can do is know their maltsters and farmers personally. The brewing process here is as environmentally conscious as you're likely to find: the CO2 produced during fermentation is captured by special equipment, which lowers Liability's CO2 usage, thus its carbon footprint; no animal products outside of honey (which will be noted on any beer containing it) will ever be used in production here; the process of "fining," which is one that uses animal-based additives to create clarity in beer, is omitted; the only additive in any beer is one that reduces gluten for those with sensitivities; and Liability is dairy-free and vegetarian-friendly.


Tetrad Brewing Company

Northside – 603 E. Stone Ave

Pour-sona: THE FAMILY

The High-Lites

From top to bottom, left to right, everything you see, taste, and experience at Tetrad Brewing Company is a product of family. In fact, the motto here is: "Family comes first—and a close second is good beer." Tetrad is the brainchild of brothers-in-law—who truly just refer to, and view, themselves as brothers—Chad Tydings and John Bucher who, after both living in the four corners of the country—as far north as Alaska, as far east as New York and Vermont, as far west as Oregon and Utah—found themselves in Greenville, SC and settled in. If you've noticed the theme so far—top, bottom, left, right; north, south, east, west; four corners, etc.—the two brothers are fans of fantastic fours, which is where the brewery got its name. A "tetrad" is a group or arrangement of four. At Tetrad, those are grain, hops, yeast, and water, for obvious reasons.

Tetrad's main arrangement of four may have to do with the brewing process, but if we were to create a tetrad to describe the experience here, we're going with: family, flavor, outdoor fun, and cheese balls. We'll explain in a moment.

Tetrad shares a building with Half-Moon Outfitters, an independent chain of outdoors stores that serves South Carolina and Georgia, so it should be no surprise that the outdoors is a common theme at Tetrad. Tetrad swung its doors open in late September 2019, so it's one of the newer brewers on the block, but it's in no rush to catch up with the crowd. Tetrad's focus is on small-batch, handcrafted artisanal ales and lagers, so every step of the process gets looked after with love and care from Chad and John so that the final product is lip-smackingly refreshing. You'll normally find around a dozen or so beers on tap here, with Tetrad originals making up the vast majority, which is impressive for such a young brewery with such a small operation, but Chad and John are pulling it off to rave reviews online.

With family so core to its mission, Tetrad welcomes your whole brood at the brewery—brothers, sisters, weird uncles, distant cousins, and, of course, kids and dogs alike. It doesn't have a full-service kitchen, but Tetrad does feature food trucks seemingly every day. Check Tetrad's Facebook page for the latest on those, plus a plethora of events hosted there. Topping the tetrad is cheese balls, and we promised an explanation. If you find yourself at Tetrad and you're not hungry enough for food truck fare but you're wanting to peckishly pop some small noshes, ask your beertender for some complimentary cheese balls. Sure, pretzels and peanuts have been synonymous with beer for ages, but beer, cheese dust, air-puffed carbs and orange fingers is an arrangement worthy of being the next big tetrad at Tetrad.

Promising Hop-inion

"Great employees, great brews, great vibe. Indoor and outdoor seating, options for your cider or wine-drinking friends. (Was) welcoming to EVERYONE, including your kids and pets — absolutely loved this place!" - Matthew, Facebook Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

... you're in the mood for mobile meals and more. Tetrad has one of the more packed weekly schedules that feature a variety of popular food trucks in the area to ensure no matter when or how often you stop by, you're getting something different. Show up one night and you might be pairing pale ale with pasta; show up the next and it might be IPAs and pizza. If pairing suds with a cigar is more of what you're looking for, take it to Tetrad when Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge is on the premises. Castillo is a mobile humidor filled with delightful bouquets of all types that'll pair perfectly with any pint, thanks to the second-to-none cigar knowledge of Castillo's experts.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Can't You See IPA IPA - English
  2. Rise of the Schwarz Schwarzbier
  3. Chocolate Coconut Porter Porter - American
  4. Tangerine Wheat Wheat Beer - Other
  5. West Coast Double IPA IPA - Imperial / Double