Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey

Okay, we admit that ice hockey might not be the first activity that pops into your mind when you’re planning a trip to Greenville, SC. But trust us, a ticket to a Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey game is a ticket to ride on a freight train of fun! Playing their home games at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in downtown Greenville, the Swamp Rabbits play a full schedule of games from October to April (normally). If you’re in town while they’re in season, come on down and watch them kick some tail! (It’s a Swamp Rabbit thing…)

The 2020-21 season journey for the Kelly Cup has led to the Eastern Conference Finals! Tickets are available now for Games 2 & 3 as the Swamp Rabbits take on the South Carolina Stingrays. Purchase your tickets today for these June 18th and June 19th games! 


ECF Hockey Schedule


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Join the journey towards the Kelly Cup with family-friendly entertainment!

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