Mice on Main

The Scavenger Hunt

In a lot of cities, the last thing you want to see is a mouse. This isn’t the case in Greenville, where nine bronze mice have taken up permanent residence along our celebrated Main Street. Conceived as part of Jim Ryan’s high school senior project (back in 2000) and inspired by the children’s book Goodnight Moon, the mice were brought to life by local sculptor and illustrator Zan Wells. Author Linda Kelly joined the team and “Mice on Main” has become a beloved Greenville institution—from the scavenger hunt to the children's book, board game, and T-shirts. Using the clues to hunt for each mouse makes a stroll along Main Street extra fun for kids of all ages. 

Greenville’s bronze mice are spaced out on one side of Main Street or the other, from the Hyatt Regency to the Westin Poinsett. Use the clues to find all nine mice! Happy hunting! 🧀

       1. You’ll find Father Marvin near the Roost.
           He brought his book to give his reading a boost.

CLUE: Search at the Hyatt & NOMA Square. 

       2. Mother Maggie is across the street keeping cars
           off the sidewalk
a tricky feat!

CLUE: Look both ways! (Is that a parking barrier?)

       3. Marvin, Jr. is too young to drink morning brew;
           still, he tries to sneak in before he hears “shoo”!

CLUE: Do you see a coffee shop? 

       4. Marcley’s cool; you’ll see that at a glance.
           ONE City Plaza is where he loves to dance.

CLUE: Look near the Plaza Square. 

       5. If Millie didn’t have such a wonderful view,
           she might come down and walk with you.

CLUE: Millie's sitting pretty with a bird's EYE view of the city.

       6. Mitch gets ready to run into a “money garden”
           to have some fun.

CLUE: Think Wells Fargo inner garden. 

        7. You'll see Melissa across the block;
            she likes to keep her eye on all the "rocks".

CLUE: Melissa is also fond of crêpes! 

        8. Aunt Mifflin is on the corner by a bank.
           (It’s the oldest one downtown, to be quite frank.)

CLUE: She has a perfect view of a giant boar! 

        9. At an Italian restaurant, right near a rain spout,
            Uncle Miles is just hanging out.

CLUE: Uncle Miles loves gardens, and there's one close by. 


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