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Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too

Got a hankering for something sugary? No worries! Here in Greenville indulging your sweet tooth isn't just encouraged—it's practically a way of life! From amazing ice cream parlors to award-winning bakeries, we've got what you're craving. We just hope you left room for dessert!

If you want to scoop up some sweetness, we've churned out the best ice cream spots in Greenville for you to cone-sider and have recommended stops for decadent desserts. Little ones in tow? We've got you covered with kid-friendly options that'll have them bouncing off the walls (in the best way, of course!) Brush up on your baking skills and book a cookie or cake decorating class or simply indulge in a Saturday Afternoon Just Desserts Tour from Foothill Foodie Tours

Don't let the sweetness stop there—make sure to browse our directory of dessert spots below for even more mouthwatering options!


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