Jasmine Road

Jasmine Road is South Carolina’s first two-year residential program for adult women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

It all starts with home: a safe, stable, and peaceful place to rest and heal. Jasmine Road embraces the concept “love heals” by surrounding each woman with a community based on unconditional love

Through community partnerships, Jasmine Road works together with the community to address the healing needs of each woman from an evidence- based holistic perspective.

Jasmine Road empowers each woman to blossom and thrive by providing sustainable employment, personal and educational development opportunities, stable housing, and long-term support after graduation.

Jasmine Road’s social enterprise program offers stable and sustainable employment opportunities that also maximize positive social impact in the Greenville community, while generating funding for non-profit operations. The Jasmine Road social enterprise program provides meaningful career experience working in one of our businesses, including Jasmine Kitchen. We support and empower women to learn skills such as customer service, management, marketing, teamwork, and accountability, through creating and branding unique products.

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