Legacy Park

First opened in 2008, Legacy Park is a 20-acre space full of rolling hills, water features, and lovely landscaping. The land used to develop the public park was originally owned by John D. Hollingsworth, a leader in the Greenville business community and textile industry. The park was inspired by the pastoral park design used by Frederick Law Olmstead for New York City's Central Park. Legacy Park captures the essence of what a city park should be, bringing understated human designs and natural features into a state of harmonious coexistence.

Legacy Park has lots of wide open green space perfect for playing sports or laying out to relax. At nearly 10-acres, there is plenty enough space for visitors of all ages to throw frisbees, kick soccer balls, fly kites, or play any other outdoor games. There's even a sand volleyball court! Small clumps of trees are carefully scattered throughout, creating quiet pockets of shade to recline on wooden swings and benches while looking out over the rolling greens. The park's man-made pond offers another place to relax. Paved trails meander throughout the park's wooded and green spaces for those who like to run, walk, or bike.

The park also features two playground areas for smaller and older children respectively. Legacy Park's Pavilion is a popular place for parties and can be booked online.

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