Speed Factory Indoor Karting

Are you ready to experience the heart-pounding thrill of wheel to wheel indoor kart racing?
Speed Factory Indoor Karting puts you behind the wheel of your very own Sodi RX-7 gas-powered European racing kart.These karts have been developed by utilizing state of the art engineering by world class racing designers with a revered history in Motorsports. The technically advanced kart delivers an unbeatable combination of speed, safety and handling for drivers of all skill levels.

After arriving at the Speed Factory you will attend a safety briefing and kart orientation, and then get ready to race. All of our karts are identical so no one has an unfair advantage. Every lap is timed using are state of the art automated timing and scoring system. You receive a printout of your lap times and finishing position for your personal evaluation. Each race includes the use of a DOT approved full face helmet, balaclava (head sock) and neck brace for your safety.

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