Fleet Feet Greenville

At Fleet Feet Greenville, everything they do is geared toward fitting you as an individual. Whether it's footwear, apparel, or sports bras, you have a fit that's best for you, and they're here to help you find it.

That's their Fitlosophy.

You won't find Fitlosophy in the dictionary, but you can find it alive and well at Fleet Feet. It’s the philosophy that when true fit is achieved, performance follows. At Fleet Feet, Fitlosophy is much more than a process or procedure, it’s a way of doing business. And it’s one of the main reasons their customers keep coming back.

At Fleet Feet they want to provide you with everything you need to achieve the performance and fitness level you desire. They also fit their products, store, and community involvement to the types of experiences and lives customers lead.

They're committed to the success of every customer, whether you are a beginning walker, a regular runner, or an elite marathoner. They explain the performance characteristics of their shoes and apparel. They demonstrate how to use accessories, such as heart rate monitors, so it's easy to try new products. If you are beginning a fitness program, they share insights with you and suggest other sources of information.

They don't just sell fitness products, they live fitness.

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