OASE Day Spa

OASE: oh-ay-suh
{Danish for oasis}
oasis: a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of a hectic place or situation

Every aspect of this Scandinavian-inspired day spa was created with you in mind! Everyone needs a bit of a resting place, a refuge, if you will, from the pull of each day's responsibilities. At OASE Day Spa, they have carefully curated the experience everyone deserves when they take a break for self care.

The core values at OASE Day Spa are exceptional service, real results and ultimate relaxation. They strive to meet each of these for every guest from beginning to end to create the rejuvenating experience you have been looking for. From the herbal teas, infused water, comfy robe, expert services to the quiet and silent rooms...they have created a space that you will look forward to escaping to again and again... Your oasis in the city!

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