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5-to-Try: Falling for You

Discover the Upcountry’s dazzling collection of waterfalls. With 30+ waterfalls to experience, you’re guaranteed to make a splash in Greenville’s great outdoors. Here are a few favorites:

1. Reedy River Falls

These gorgeous cascades grace the heart of Greenville—the best views of this virtual oasis rambling down a tumble of boulders and platter-like rocks strewn across the Reedy River come mid-span on the Liberty Bridge in Falls Park on the Reedy.

2. Long Creek Falls

Tucked away in Sumter National Forest near the Chattooga River, the twin pillars of this 50-foot beauty are accessed by way of a moderate, hour-long hike, with the added reward of a deep plunge pool where you can jump in and get splash-happy.

3. Wildcat Wayside

Easily accessed off Highway 11 (en route to Caesars Head State Park), this shimmering 30-footer fans out over a wide, stair-stepped outcropping of stone offering views of the larger 100-foot-tall upper falls above.

4. Rainbow Falls

The price of admission for this showstopper includes a hefty 2.2-mile trek and a thigh-burning 1,200-foot climb. But take heart: the sight of this 100-foot gusher tumbling down a granite grotto is enough to restore both the body and the mind.

5. Falls Creek Falls

Piercing the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in northern Greenville County, the 100-foot-plus Falls Creek Falls plummet in a down rush that propels a cooling veil of mist above a wall of black rock.

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