Jones Gap State Park

Nestled deep within the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, Jones Gap State Park is an unforgettable haven of mountain tranquility. These 3,000+ acres of pristine mountain woodlands are interspersed with winding forest trails, cascading waterfalls, and the pacifying gurgle of the Middle Saluda River.

An extensive, 60+ mile network of easy-to-strenuous hiking trails allow nature lovers to traverse the forest in peace. These trails even connect the park to Caesars Head State Park, which shares Jones Gap's mountain home.

The park's many creeks and brooks create the perfect sanctuary for anglers. Brook, rainbow, and brown trout all call these waters home. The park is also the location of the Cleveland Fish Hatchery, South Carolina's first state-owned and operated hatchery, housing 60-80 fish in an informational exhibit.

The rocky terrain of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area allows for awe-inspiring waterfalls, including the 100' free-falling Rainbow Falls. Meanwhile, Falls Creek Falls is a beautiful display of cascading water tumbling down 100' of rock outcroppings.

For those who prefer looking to the sky, birdwatching is made plentiful by the park's large population of resident species and migratory songbirds.

Campsites throughout the park allow hikers to sink into this land of rivers, rocks, and trees. Trailside and group campsites can be reserved through the park website.

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