Downtown Breweries

If you're already hanging out in downtown Greenville, why not meander over to a local brewery for a pint? Greenville's four downtown breweries (that are completely walkable) include: 

  1. The Eighth State Brewing Company
  2. Fireforge Crafted Beer
  3. Yee-Haw Brewing Company
  4. The Velo Fellow (COMING SOON)

Read on to see all kinds of in-depth info including a map of their locations, Untappd info, high-lites, promising hop-inions, photos, pour-sonas, top-rated beers, and find out which suds are for you. 

Full Kitchen Full Kitchen Dogs Allowed: Inside AND Outside
Small Bites Small Bites Dogs Allowed: Outside Only
Food Trucks NO Dogs Allowed
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The Eighth State Brewing Company

Downtown Greenville – 400 Augusta St. (West End Historic District)



The High-Lites

Get ready to pucker up, Solo-Cup, because this ain't your everyday brewery. The Eighth State Brewing Company—named after South Carolina's distinction as the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and be admitted into statehood—takes what you might expect from a brewery and just adds a healthy, fun dash of color to it. Eclectic, eccentric, or delightfully frenetic—no matter how you describe Eighth State, from the beer it brews to the art that dons its cans and walls, you can be sure it's unlike any other brewery you'll find in Greenville. And maybe that's why it's the No. 1-ranked brewery in all of South Carolina on the industry-popular app Untappd, where users rate the different breweries they visit.

The biggest difference you'll notice is the beer. If you're looking for a brand-name beer, sure, you'll find something recognizable somewhere on the menu and Eighth State will be more than happy to oblige, but if you wanna quaff on the wild side then let us turn your attention to where Eighth State really shines. Many breweries will pride themselves on beers that range in color from light gold to a dark brown, but rarely will all the colors of the rainbow be represented.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Cypher Stout - Imperial / Double
  2. Cheap Dreams Hard Seltzer
  3. Cosmogenesis Stout - Imperial / Double
  4. Penrose Stout - Imperial / Double
  5. Background Radiation Stout - American

Eighth State specializes in dessert imperial stouts, fruited sours, cocktail-inspired hard seltzers, and crispy pilsners. Pick a pint of anything on the menu and even Trinidad James would approve of a total lack of all-gold-everything in his glass. Don't believe us? Just watch: Order yourself a flight of six on-tap tastes and it'll arrive to your table in a muffin tin—a wink and a nod to the Claussen Bakery that operated out of the very same historic building more than 90 years ago—filled with enough reds, oranges, greens, blues, pinks, yellows and more to have you on Instagram straight-flexin'.

From sours and sweets to stouts you'd swear were inspired by a chocolate-banana milkshake, you'll find the perfect pairing for what Eighth State's full kitchen is creating. No matter your style, you've got choices here, with delicious stecca sandwiches and pizzas—even vegan and vegetarian options—made by local favorite Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. Grab the family and the pup and enjoy Eighth State's front patio for a funky afternoon.

Promising Hop-inion

"The beer is so creative! If you enjoy adventurous ales, then this place is the Disneyland of craft beers. The vibe is super chill and the atmosphere is one of a kind... The live music is also adventurous, but expertly curated. The food is craveable and ranges from light to filling. I love this place!" - Christopher, Google Reviews


This Sud's For You If...

... craft seltzer is just as intriguing to you as craft beer! Aside from the obvious sour selections that set Eighth State apart, they’re concocting their own hard seltzers with just as much care as the beer they lovingly brew. A store-shelf shortage of the popular hard seltzer Whiteclaw in 2019 gave Eighth State owners a sparkling idea to experiment with seltzer before the trend fizzled out. Luckily, the popularity of bubbly, flavored hard seltzer continues and thus, it still shows up on Eighth State's menu in many forms. Flavors are put together the same way your favorite mixologist blends a signature cocktail with a wide range of adventurous ingredients. All this means you can expect to find selections like "Dreaming"—which features the taste-twisting combination of rainbow sherbet, marshmallow, lemon, grapefruit and Madagascar vanilla—any time you walk in the door. If the sun's holding you down, opt for one of Eighth State's frozen slurries—some of which utilize the popular sour beers on the menu as the base for a refreshingly unique retreat from the heat.


Fireforge Crafted Beer

Downtown Greenville – 311 E. Washington St.



The High-Lites

You might expect most brewmasters to have been obsessed with beer and the beer-making process from the moment they turned 21, practically sleeping on a bed of grains while hoppy dreams steep in their heads, but not all who brew take the same route. Fireforge co-founder and Governor of Fireforge Brian Cendrowski spent his 20s thinking beer tasted terrible—so much so that his drink of choice during this formative decade ranged from amaretto sours to Woodchuck Cider. It wasn't until a friend introduced him to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that Brian's eyes were opened to a world of beer with flavor and variety. Fast forward to today and this late-bloomer turned in his job as a web developer for 50-pound bags of grain and a much more satisfying career running one of Greenville's only breweries just steps off Main Street with co-founder, CMO, and wife Nicole, who has been right there with Brian since their first batch made on a stovetop at home.

What began in 2014 as a serious plan to open a brewery in 2014 became reality in 2018 when Fireforge's doors opened. Those doors, by the way, are extremely large—so large, in fact, that if you're frequently conflicted by the decision of whether to go out or stay in, Fireforge is perfect for you as it creates one space that provides both options as opening these massive doors is akin to removing entire walls. Your duality will be wholly satisfied by a table-dotted biergarten seamlessly extending from far outside the building all the way to the main bar area inside.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Humulus Package #6 IPA - Imperial / Double New England
  2. John Hopcock IPA - New England
  3. Unghosted #2 Pale Ale - American
  4. Blueberry Mead - Melomel
  5. Quaddish Boy Belgian Dubbel

The rustic feel of the wood paneling combined with the urban surroundings of downtown Greenville provide another wonderful juxtaposition to ponder over a pilsner at sunset. If a pale pils doesn't fit your taste, you can peruse Fireforge's 20 taps for something else you might prefer—from several options categorized as "light and refreshing" to a handful of IPAs to your more malty and dark beverages. Feeling particularly saucy? Opt for the Perlin's Ghost Pepper Ale and see if that doesn't forge a fire within you.

Speaking of flames, Fireforge is cooking up foods in its prep kitchen that complement the available beer selections, so you'll find a menu of quick bites, shareable snacks, a full meal or two and even desserts to choose from. Live music is also on the menu from time to time so check their calendar to see who's playing when you're in town, and well-behaved dogs and kiddos are always welcome.

Promising Hop-inion

"Best craft beer in Greenville! Came for a weekend in April and did not have a beer here I didn't love. Lots of hazy beers and a cool warehouse atmosphere and outdoor area made this my favorite brewery stop for the weekend. Definitely check it out. If you are staying downtown, it is an easy walk to the brewery." - Luke, Yelp

This Sud's For You If...

... you like a beverage that'll tell you a story. Fireforge is the first craft brewery in the world to incorporate a product called Story Label onto its can and bottle products made by a company in nearby Greer called Century Printing and Packaging, which has been making craft beer labels for years. In fact, the company produced 380 million labels in 2019. New this year is the ability for breweries to tell the story of their brewery or the specific beer right on the label—well, actually, right behind the label. If you're one of those anxious beer-drinkers who peels the label off a bottle as you sip your suds, this one is definitely for you. Peeling back the corner on select labels of Fireforge canned and bottle beer will reveal a story just as tasty as that IPA or lager you're swigging. Definitely sample selections from the tap while at Fireforge, but grab something from the cooler to take back to the hotel for a bedtime story.


Yee-Haw Brewing Company

Downtown Greenville – 307 E. McBee Ave.



The High-Lites

Whether you're looking to catch a game on TV or just enjoy some tasty brews in an environment that leaves pretentiousness at the door, Yee-Haw is the chilled-out spot you're looking for. That doesn't mean they're not serious about the beer they brew—on the contrary, they're bubbling up suds in Pigeon Forge, TN, Nashville, and at the location that started it all, Johnson City, TN, so you know they're pouring pleasing pints to keep four locations running strong. As you may have noticed from the list of locations in the previous sentence that one of these things is not like the other—and that would be us.

Why Greenville? Because Yee-Haw's head honchos loved the similarities between Greenville and Johnson City, each with a local culture that's all about having a beer, some good food, and an even better time.

Top 5 Rated Beers

  1. Sour Apricot Peach Sour - Fruited
  2. Yee-hazy Runnings IPA - New England
  3. Velvet Charmer Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
  4. Trickster IPA - American
  5. Winter Porter Porter - Baltic

Any brewery worth its hops is going to feature beer's greatest hits, and at Yee-Haw, you'll find the old standbys in new yet approachable ways, like a delicious IPA that delivers fragrances bested only by its restrained bitterness and a smooth-drinkin' American Craft Lager literally called "Easy." Coincidentally, that's the way Yee-Haw wants a visit to its downtown brewery to be for patrons. Just four blocks off of Main Street, what's on-tap isn't the only thing that's approachable, and with a significant amount of outdoor space to sip and enjoy the sights of downtown Greenville, those dwelling in the area for a long weekend would be remiss not to enjoy an evening out here.

You may think that the beer would get the full spotlight here but it simply must make room for the food Yee-Haw is kickin' out of the kitchen. The menu features categories you might expect from an American bar—like small plates and appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and the like—but overlooking the chargrilled wings as just any standard bar offering would be a serious mistake. Call up any online review site and Yee-Haw's convection-steam-baked wings will be just as mentioned as the beer—and really, where else would you rather hang out for a while than at a place pouring pints and slinging wings this rave-worthy?

Promising Hop-inion

"I'm all-in on the wings I had at lunch — great googly moogly, the meat came off the bones cleaner than Himalayan snow. ... The beer was remarkably easy-labeled and the three I sampled were delicious. Get there." - Grey, Facebook Reviews

This Sud's For You If...

... making new friends is on your list. You won't find a single brewery or watering hole in Greenville that doesn't have a helpful, passionate staff that's enthusiastic about guiding your beer tasting journey, but Yee-Haw's friendly staff is such a differentiator that nearly every online review about the brewery mentions the group as a whole or individuals by name. Whether you've got questions about the different on-tap options or you're just in town for business by yourself and need some company while you wind down after a long day of meetings, Yee-Haw's staff will have you taken care of. We're tempted to mention the chicken wings again here—yes, they're that good!—but friendly faces, good conversation, and excellent service go a long way toward furthering the relaxing, care-free environment Yee-Haw strives for.


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