West Greenville Area Dining

A Hip Hub for Creativity, Coffee, and Community: The Village of West Greenville is South Carolina's Soho

For the first half of the 20th century, West Greenville (which now encompasses both the historic West End and the Village of West Greenville) served as the commercial hub for the region’s textile industry, with Brandon Mill and Woodside Mill (once the largest cotton mill under one roof in the world) centrally located, and Judson Mill just a few miles away. Restaurants, stores, and even a theater served the needs of these three mill communities.

Fast-forward to present day, and what’s now known as the Village of West Greenville boasts some of the city’s hippest restaurants, as well as 60+ art galleries, studios, specialty shops and services, and the Greenville Center for the Creative Arts, an anchor for Greenville’s visual arts community.

The Village has its own vibe—young, aspirational, optimistic, creative, and energetic. Think of it as a mini-Soho, just blocks from the regular hustle and bustle of downtown.

Don't wait until you're hangry! Stake (steak?) out a table for some fine dining—with a side of sweet Southern hospitality.

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