What People are Saying


People are talking about us behind our backs.  They're saying things like...


“[You’ll] want to kick off [your] heels and stay awhile.”

-Katie Knorovsky,  National Geographic Traveler


“I've never fallen in love with a place as quickly as I did with Greenville.”

-Dina Mishev,The Washington Post


“...a word-of-mouth favorite among travelers in the know.”

-Trisha Ping, Lonely Planet


“One thing's certain, Greenville is about to make a name for itself on the culinary map.”

-Jenn Rice, Vogue


“Greenville has everything a city should have – minus the stress.”



“With a growing food scene, a creative DIY spirit, and a serious cycling culture, this
once-sleepy Southern town has reinvented itself as an exciting destination.”

-Blane Bachelor, New York Magazine


“If there was ever a formula for becoming a great
American city – Greenville has discovered it.”

-Bill  Clevlen,  Bill on the Road


“Pack your stretchy pants and show up thirsty when you visit
this booming South Carolina city in the beautiful Blue Ridge foothills.”

-Valerie Fraser Luesse,Southern Living


“With apologies to Charleston, Greenville is the next South Atlantic hotspot.”

-Smarter Travel


“The stars have aligned to make this Southern belle … Dream Town, USA.”

-Christian L. Wright, The Wall Street Journal


“My travels have led me to discover a host of unique and inspiring cities,
but none have charmed me quite like Greenville, South Carolina.”

-Brian Hart Hoffman, Taste of the South


“It’s the Greenville to end all Greenvilles.”

-Chris Bunting, New York Post

“Expect to be charmed by Greenville, S.C.”

-Sarah Crossland,  SouthPark Magazine


“Could Greenville be America's best kept secret?”

-Rashmi Primlani, The Daily Meal


“Like a family recipe in an old cupboard, Greenville, SC, is a culinary secret.”

-Dave Hoekstra, Chicago Sun-Times



“One of the most surreal places I've ever been”

-@cameron8912, via Instagram


“I've traveled and lived in 3 other countries. And I must say I TOTALLY LOVE Greenville.”

-@950_junkie, via instagram


“It doesn't get any better than this city!”

-@nickgummere, via Instagram


“Why. don’t . I . Live . Here. Yet?”

-Elliott R Killian, via Facebook


“Wow! Let me say that again backwards...Wow!”

-@nathanangelo, via Instagram


“take me here por favor.”

-@annleigh_, via Instagram


“Kudos to @Greenville_SC, very modern and beautiful city!”

-@RyanKay_99, via Twitter


“Few cities are fortunate enough to have a downtown
that looks like this! I’m a big fan @Greenville_SC

-@ErickBaker, via Twitter


“Miss you Greenville! Can't wait to get back.”

-@andy_gray_, via Instagram