Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey into the delectable universe of desserts! From classic comfort treats to innovative culinary creations, read on for your passport to five of the sweetest experiences. Prepare to awaken your taste buds with a symphony of flavors as we dish out the details on these delightful Greenville bakeries and dessert stops!

Life is Sweet. Eat Dessert First. 

Indulgence awaits at every corner for dessert enthusiasts seeking the sweetest delights. From slices of cake that whisper promises of perfection to cookie dreams that mingle with laughter, the world of confectionery is a universe of its own. Whether you're drawn to the allure of Southern charm, the aroma of baked-good havens, the elegance of European pastries, the allure of artisanal chocolates, or the comforting embrace of freshly baked cookies, these dessert destinations promise to satisfy every craving and ignite your taste buds' most delightful adventures.


Sweetening the stakes on pastries, Old Europe pairs breakfast with specialty coffees, as well as dessert with wine. Popular (and Insta-worthy) treats include Rigó Jancsi, a traditional Hungarian cake made up of two thin chocolate sponge cake layers, chocolate mousse filling, and chocolate ganache. For a lighter fare, try the Lemon Bavarian: gluten-free white cake and tangy lemon cream (a cross between mousse and custard) topped with blueberries & raspberries. Yum!


If you’re looking to indulge in some bourbon, bubbles, or bonbons, look no further than Elizabeth Logan McDaniel, LaRue’s Maitre Chocolatier—meaning a highly-trained expert in all things chocolate—and Certified Specialist of Wine. Having mastered the art of both libations and artisan chocolate, LaRue invites you to savor your chocolate in unique cocktails or taste delightfully creative truffles like the Moo Who, La-La Latte, or Yo Ho Ho.


Making people have a hankerin’ for something sweet since the day they opened, Stax Bakery is one truly mouthwatering experience. Situated next to Stax Omega Diner, this bakery offers some of the freshest baked goods in town. From cakes to pies, cookies to cupcakes, and cheesecakes to pastries, there’s something to satiate any sugar craving. French, Greek, and Italian desserts are also made daily; be sure to try the Strawberry Napoleon!


This downtown Greenville restaurant serves up Southern fare in a colorful space with a delightful mishmash of furniture and tells patrons to “Just eat da cake!” From the delectable Sara’s Coconut Cake and Sweet Potato Cake to the 24 Karot Cake and Paddy Cake (4 layers of chocolate, black walnut cream cheese icing, raspberry sauce, and shaved chocolate), every wedge is as good as cake gets. Other delicious options include Love & Stud Muffins, and seasonal South Carolina Strawberry Cake.