Just Desserts Tour

Jump right in and "Eat Like a Local!" on the Greenville Just Desserts Tour. Enjoy and discover together some of Greenville’s finest hand crafted, local favorite dessert creations and locations. Tempt your taste buds with samples from culinary artisans creating one-of-a-kind sweet treats for you to enjoy. Share this memorable experience with your family and friends. This is an enjoyable way to “stop and smell the roses” and experience all that Greenville has to offer. It's a relaxing way to lull away any Saturday afternoon. Bring your friends, plan to host your bridal party on one of the tours, how about a girl's day out? Begin your newly designed Just Desserts tour at the Westin Poinsett Spoonbread restaurant, where the chef will prepares something amazing for just our tour!  Then next door on to Maestro Bistro, Greenville's newest supper club that serves the best chocolate ganache cake with peanut butter mousse frosting and filling.  Our next stop is a fantasy trip to France where we will eat some of the most delicious crepes you have ever tasted, filled with almond creme cheese mousse, covered with strawberries and topped with whipped cream.  Our final stop will be the historic old courthouse building which houses M. Judson Bookstore featuring a cup of coffee or tea and a shortbread cookie while you browse this iconic bookstore....a sure to please final stop to this wonderful dessert experience.  Plenty of fun eats, great experiences, wonderful food, books for shopping, and a store for browsing!  Book your tour today!  Visit the Website.

Tour Guide gratuities are not included in the cost of your tour.  Thank you.