Steel Pulse with Jesse Royal

Reggae legends Steel Pulse reemerge at a fated moment, armed with compassion and encouraging everyone to work toward unification. The band’s twelfth studio album, Mass Manipulation, reflects four decades committed to bettering mankind through music. Steel Pulse continues to be revolutionary in engaging controversial topics through music, and their musical stance and conceptualizations are as potent and relevant today as they were at the beginning of their career. The album’s uniquely thematic approach provokes thought as it presses forward, toward human unification.

Mass Manipulation is Steel Pulse’s indispensable musical gift, as their forty-year legacy continues to define the magnificent power and beauty of reggae music. Through inspiring compositions that capture the effect of the African Diaspora and purpose instrumentation, lead singer and guitarist David Hind’s creativity, human persona and visionary views are revealed. The album comes full circle across 17 tracks as Steel Pulse’s legendary musical abilities aim to achieve a greater community for all.  

As reggae revolutionaries, Steel Pulse is revered by the younger generations of artists and remains a powerhouse on stages around the globe. Through the example of their 12 albums, Steel Pulse demonstrates the endless possibilities that come from breaking down the walls of systemic greed and nurturing the fellowship of mankind.