Media Hosting Assistance


For All Journalist/Media Inquiries:

Contact Taryn Scher (Publicist) at 864-469-7488 |

For Social Media Influencer Inquiries:

Please fill out this form for content creator/influencer consideration with our social media team.

For Paid Media / Advertising / Partnership Proposals:

If you'd like to share paid media opportunities or partnership proposals, please email

Hosting Guidelines:

If you are a journalist interested in visiting Greenville (and we hope you are!) and you'd like our assistance with planning your trip, please read our hosting guidelines below.

Guidelines for consideration: 

If you're seeking to have rooms and meals comped, you'll need to demonstrate that you're coming on assignment for a specific publication, broadcast or digital outlet and have an expected publication, distribution or broadcast date.

Once and if your submission is approved, we'll be happy to work with local restaurants and hotels to arrange for meals and accommodations at courtesy or special media rates (based upon availability.) Please note, we do not cover airfare or transportation to South Carolina, nor do we guarantee full or partial complimentary benefits at area establishments. 

As far as the details of your visit, we'll work to create a personalized itinerary that focuses on your specific needs and interests - whatever you need to get the story! And we'll make sure you have a great time while you're here, offering access to entertainment venues, tours and a wide range of activities that will show you exactly why our Greenville is that Greenville.  

To get started, please download, complete and submit the hosting assistance form below.