Barefoot Acres

On one side was the dream of opening a farm for families to come and hang out.

A place to grow flowers, pumpkins, strawberries and produce. A relaxing environment.

A place to relax, take a stroll through the woods or to hang out and picnic with friends and family.

On the other side the dream of opening an adventure park full of thrills, challenges and experiences.

Racing Ziplines.

Challenge course built for differing abilities.

Hiking trail to take a stroll and watch the adventure activities.

Combining both main aspects of the farm gives the team at Barefoot Acres the perfect environment to facilitate team bonding.

Corporate teams, athletic teams and all groups in between benefit from Barefoot adventure facilitation.

Where do you need to grow? What do you want to achieve?

Let Barefoot Acres take your organization to new heights!

Everyone learns in different ways and Barefoot Acres is a DIFFERENT WAY OF LEARNING.

Knot your typical classroom, that's for sure! They pride themselves on this. Real life examples of growth, conservation, exploration, human studies, wildlife identification, cultivation and so much more encompass Barefoot Acres.

What are you teaching?

Let them tie it all together!

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