Davidson River Outfitters

Welcome to the area's premier fly shop and guide service, on the banks of the Davidson River in Brevard, NC. The shop is literally minutes from the best fishing the area has to offer and is open 8 am-5 pm year round. The world-renowned staff of 10 professional guides is anchored by Fly Fishing Master’s Champions Kevin Howell and Walker Parrott.

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Dec 08 2018 - Dec 08 2018

December 08

Dec. 08

The intro class will give beginning fly tyers a good foundation for creating a variety of fly patterns for trout. Students will learn how to use basic tools, understand thread...



Dec 15 2018 - Dec 15 2018

December 15

Dec. 15

This intermediate class will cover more advanced techniques for fly tyers that are looking to create more dynamic flies. Dubbing loops, articulated streamers, UV adhesives,...



Dec 22 2018 - Dec 22 2018

December 22

Dec. 22

This "kids only" class is a perfect way to introduce young anglers to the craft of fly tying, and give them a chance to create a special handmade gift to give for the...



Jan 12 2019 - Jan 12 2019

January 12

Jan. 12

This intro class will give beginning fly tyers a good foundation for creating a variety of fly patterns for trout. Students will learn how to use basic tools, understand...



Jan 18 2019 - Jan 18 2019

January 18

Jan. 18

Join DRO owner, Kevin Howell, for a class on tying local fly patterns. Some of the patterns in this class were developed by Kevin and his family, and are extremely effective...



Jan 19 2019 - Jan 19 2019

January 19

Jan. 19

Learn to tie traditional Tenkara and soft hackle style flies with DRO fixed line fishing expert, Landon Lipke. All materials and tools provided.



Feb 02 2019 - Feb 02 2019

February 02

Feb. 02

Terrestrial insects make up the bulk of trout diets in our area during the warmer months. This class will touch on classic terrestrial patterns, as well as modern imitations.



Feb 10 2019 - Feb 10 2019

February 10

Feb. 10

Streamer fishing is a great way to catch big fish. This class will teach tyers how to create flies with lots of motion and life. All materials and tools included.



Feb 16 2019 - Feb 16 2019

February 16

Feb. 16

Join DRO guide, Debbie Gillespie, for a ladies only fly tying course. All skill levels are welcome, but the class will focus on simple patterns to learn the basic techniques...



Feb 23 2019 - Feb 23 2019

February 23

Feb. 23

This class will focus on size 18, and smaller, flies that are commonly used in our area tailwaters, and the Davidson River. All tools and materials are included.



Mar 23 2019 - Oct 20 2019

March 23

Dates vary between March 23, 2019 - October 20, 2019

Davidson River Outfitters is partnering with Orvis to get you started correctly in your Fly Fishing Adventure. This class will teach you the basics of fly fishing. This free...



Apr 06 2019 - Oct 20 2019

April 06

Dates vary between April 6, 2019 - October 20, 2019

The 201 school is a collaboration between DRO and Orvis. Once you have completed the 101 class or have a little bit of experience, join them for a 201 outing. This three hour...