Greenville Scottish Games

Memorial Day Weekend 2018: Mark your calendars for The Great Scot! Parade to be held on Friday evening, May 25th, at 6 pm on Main Street in downtown Greenville. The following day, Saturday, May 26th, venture to the Furman University campus for the Greenville Scottish Games.
This is a B.Y.0.B. event—as in, bring your own bagpipes—to one of the world's premier Games events. Enjoy two days of Scottish festivities that combine spirited competition, Celtic jams, a parade, and more! Scots are widely acknowledged as being fierce competitors and will make virtually anything into a contest of strength, agility, and guile. Pipers, drummers and athletes will be throwing, tossing and playing everywhere!

If you don't come, you'll never be able to ask the age-old question, 'What does a Scotsman really wear under his kilt?' (Spoiler Alert: It's shoes!)

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